The #SolTee Proposal

Tayo is going to walk in and ask Sola to marry him. She doesn’t know he’s even in town. The cover is airtight. She’s only here for her sister’s graduation dinner. Your mision, should you choose to accept it, is to capture the proposal. Your target will be wearing a red and black dress. Location: PF Chang’s, JBR. *Click Click*


A proposal can be a fairly emotional affair. Hearts skipping beats, butterflies on tour, lips quivering helplessly and eyes flooding their banks. Enter the world of surprise proposals and everything goes up 5 million notches.

We’ll forgive Sola if she’s unable to trust her sister in the near-term. Such was the setup. So grand they even had her MC the ‘Graduation Dinner’. She had merely wrapped up her advice to the new graduates when Bobo (and the squad from Chicago) sneaked up from the behind. Everything went off-script from there.