Imisi | 5-12 iMagInGI stumbled on a beautiful article many years ago. It was one where the writer had sought to share credit for a good picture between photographer and subject. Not to say I had any ideas where the road would lead, but it made such a distinct impression that I remember to this day.

If I had to edit that article today, I would credit the parties to that soulful concert in this order: subject, gear – and, lastly, photographer. To the subject for being there (and amazing). To the gear for being infinitely ‘better’ than our eyes. And, if there be any praise left, to the photographer for having some fun.

My father before me was, among much else, a man of the shutter. My mom is also irreparably given to an appreciation of aesthetics. Means a lot of this probably came down the pipes before I was even aware. Makes it infinitely hard to take any credit for my work.

I’ve found it’s almost impossible to tell a good story without being in sync with the spirit of it. So, despite inspired by a long list of things, my greatest inspiration per time always derives from whatever I’m photographing.


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